Woodstock Landscape Paintings

by E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold was born in New York and lived at the Zena Mill in Woodstock from 1948 to 1956. His music teachers were Pete Seeger, Bob & Louise Decormier and Alan Lomax. He attended Camp Woodland near Cooperstown for several years. As a child he attended Downtown Community School, which was set up by members of the Woodstock Arts Colony. He studied with the Art Student League and Junior League in Woodstock. His teachers included WPA artists Ben Shahn, Isamu Noguchi. He's a qualified, listed Woodstock Impressionist artist. Some of his students include Zoe Alowan, S.L. Boyd, R.C. Trice, Denise Wey, Aviko, Lin Larsen, Della Heywood, David "Bashoo" Christie, Menlo Macfarlane, Wayne Hoyle, Matthias Schossig, Claude Needham, Douglass-Truth, Lily Nova, Maureen Nelly, Richard Hart, Patricia Elizabeth, Keith Whitten, Lee Perry, Dilcia Mendezibal, Scott Wellman, and others.

Bear Mountain

Beasley House

Brown Barn

Bud's House

Fall's Flood

Nana's Cottage Zena Mill

Halsband Farm

Road to Woodstock

Rudolph Gallery

Saugerties Highway

Zena Mill

Zena Mill Falls

Zena Road Bridge

Zena Road

Zena Road Tree